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This is your OFFICIAL Super Bowl XLVIII live blog. I know it is a little early to be blogging the pregame as well, but I will also be blogging during the postgame show and the awarding of the Vince Lombardi Trophy to the winning team. I will also be posting my own prediction of the game as well.
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Rick Bulow February 2, 201414:21

Just found out from Erin Andrews that the Denver Broncos had changed hotels on Saturday so as to get away from the fans, while the Seahawks are at the same hotel they had been all week. How will this affect the psyche of the teams?

Rick Bulow February 2, 201414:41

Just before the recent commercial they had a clip of Terry Bradshaw (who is not at the game but in Louisiana due to the death of his father the past week) throwing it to the sideline reporter. The sideline reporter just so happened to be the “Guess what day it is!” camel of the Geico commercials

Rick Bulow February 2, 201414:43

On the Portal of Dreams Message Board, they have a fantasy football game this past year to where they would have people pick a team and earn points based on if that team won or lost. This is my prediction for the Super Bowl that I posted on the board:

1st quarter:
Seahawks – 0
Broncos – 14

Seahawks – 14
Broncos – 28

3rd quarter:
Seahawks – 14
Broncos – 42

Final Score:
Seahawks – 28
Broncos – 49

I think the Sherman Tank is going to be Deckered by the Manning Bomb. Peyton won the Associated Press NFL MVP and the Offensive Player of the year yesterday, and what better way to top it off than with a Super Bowl win? The game MVP will either be Eric Decker, Wes Welker, or Peyton Manning. Interestingly enough, if Manning wins then he willl be the first starting quarterback in NFL history to win the Super Bowl with two different franchises.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201414:44

Bradshaw thought he had gotten the camel when he said that he had more rings than the camel had humps. The camel struck back by saying that he had more humps than Bradshaw has hair.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201414:55

The first official pregame show band was The Band Perry with their hit song Done. If you want to hear it, click the link

Rick Bulow February 2, 201414:58

The logo for Super Bowl XLVIII:

Rick Bulow February 2, 201415:24

The Broncos are arriving to MetLife Stadium, and they showed Peyton Manning and Wes Welker with game faces. This is Welker’s third Super Bowl (the last two being with the Patriots) and Manning’s second. Interestingly, if Manning wins he will be the first starting quarterback who had won with two different teams since he had won the Super Bowl with Indianapolis

Rick Bulow February 2, 201415:36

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are announcing the Super Bowl, with Erin Andrews on the Broncos sideline and Pam Oliver on the Seahawks sideline. Buck is paying tribute to legendary NFL announcer Pat Summerall, who had died April of last year.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201416:44

And Bill O’Reilly (of the O’Reilly Factor on Fox News Channel) is interviewing President Obama in the White House. O’Reilly is not letting up on Obama on the scandals, with Obama even going so far as to blame Fox News for glorifying the scandals. Obama had said that the score will be 24-21 but failed to say who would win.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201416:55

Fox News is showing Jimmy Johnson’s interview with Pete Carroll. The music background is Be Yourself. Carroll said that Richard Sherman acts just like how he usually does, and the same goes with Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201417:00

Going into commercial, they played a football version of the song “What Does The Fox Say” by Ylvis called “What does John Fox Say?”

Rick Bulow February 2, 201417:05

Fox Sports Insider Jay Glazer is showing a story of John Fox and the heart condition which caused him to stay away from the sidelines for a couple of games and then make a return. Fox’ wife said that this is a very special super Bowl.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201417:12

Ernie Andrews is meeting up with Richard Sherman for the first time since the epic blowup and rant 2 weeks ago at the NFC Championship Game. In case you missed Sherman’s epic rant, click below.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201417:18

Sherman gained over 500k followers on Twitter. Erin said that Sherman is on the biggest stage now and who knows what he will do

Rick Bulow February 2, 201417:27

The Seahawks Special Team squad is now out on the field practicing.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201417:34

Queen Latifah will sing America the Beautiful, and an opera singer will be singing the National Anthem. The official pregame will be very interesting indeed.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201417:52

We are coming up on 30 minutes until the Super Bowl. To quote my good Tom Reynolds (@Beregond on Twitter and Red Eye hashtag regular), 30 minutes till time for #SB48! Make a pit stop (wash your hands!) grab a snack and a beverage and get back here!

Rick Bulow February 2, 201418:04

Time for the official pregame show for Super Bowl 48, where the announcers and sideline reporters give insight as to the teams and also where the teams are introduced, America the Beautiful and the National Anthem are played, and the coin toss determined who has the ball to start the game.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201418:12

While my Bears are not in the Super Bowl, at least they were represented by Cornerback Charles Tillman who won the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award, which is given annually by the National Football League honoring a player’s volunteer and charity work, as well as his excellence on the field.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201418:23

The NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks were introduced first, coming out to the song Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve.

The AFC Champion Denver Broncos were introduced second, coming out to an unknown song

When the camera shifted to the booth they focused on Joe Buck and NFL Officiating Analyst Mike Pereira talking about the officiating crew.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201418:24

Opera singer Renee Fleming sang the National Anthem. While I do not lik opera, I think she did a damned good job.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201418:26

Little bit of useless trivia: Buck and Aikman will call their fourth Super Bowl together, and alongside sideline reporter Oliver (her seventh Super Bowl assignment for Fox), the trio holds the distinction as the NFL’s longest-running broadcast team (12 years).

Rick Bulow February 2, 201418:31

New York Football legends Joe Namath (Jets) and Phil Simms (Giants) are coin toss grandmasters. Seattle called tails and won the toss, but decided to defer to the second half, giving Manning a chance to jump ahead before Wilson could even get a chance to go on the field. This might come back to bite the Seahawks in the ass at the end.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201418:37

Manning lost the snap and the ball ended up in the back of the end zone for a safety, thereby giving the Seahawks an early 2 – 0 lead. Last time the score was 2 – 0 at the outset? When Tom Brady was called for intentional grounding in the end zone in Super Bowl XLVI giving the Giants the 2 – 0 cushion

Rick Bulow February 2, 201418:44

Wilson ran on third down, fell a yard short. Seattle Head Coach Pete Carroll thinks Wilson made it so he decides to challenge the spot. And with that we go to the Replay Booth!

Rick Bulow February 2, 201418:48

Play on the field stands. Carroll loses a timeout and a chance at an extra challenge. No matter as Steven Hauschka kicks a 31 yard field goal after a 5 yard false start penalty. Seattle up 5 – 0

Rick Bulow February 2, 201418:52

Unnecessary roughness call on Seattle means Peyton starts his second drive from the 35. And Manning went three and out.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201418:58

Broncos stacked the line focusing on Lynch, thereby putting the secondary playing man with the receivers. Golden Tate kept the series going with a good catch on 3rd and 8

Rick Bulow February 2, 201419:00

Seahawks hitting 75% of their third down conversions so far, going 3 of 4. They keep this up and it will be like the Giants keeping the Bills offense on the bench during the Super Bowl in 1991.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201419:06

And John Fox threw the challenge flag on second and goal arguing the pass was not a forward pass. If the play on the field stands, then it means the Seahawks could have the series extended. The play stands, thereby costing Fox a timeout and an extra challenge.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201419:13

Manning picked off by Chandler. Manning’s second pick of the postseason. Looks like Manning is flummoxed just like Brady was in Super Bowl 46.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201419:30

Seattle is just swarming all over Peyton and company this game, leaping out to a 15 – 0 lead. And the Broncos have their first 1st down after about 20 minutes of play.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201419:33

And the Broncos tried going downfield for a long pass play, and failed. If that pass were successful that would have gone for a touchdown. Instead, the swarming defense is shutting Manning down

Rick Bulow February 2, 201419:34

It seems I spoke too soon as Manning hit Welker for a long play and pushing the ball into Seahawk territory.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201419:36

Broncos have three conversions on third and 1 this drive. Manning slowly finds his rhythm. And the rhythm got stoped with a tripping call on the Broncos.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201419:37

I do not think I had heard Manning give the “Omaha” signal during the entire first half. Odd, especially since he usuallly does it about 30 – 40 tmes a game.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201419:39

And Manning got picked off again. This time it went back for a pick-6. Manning needs to fdo something to change his luck in the second half. Seahawks up 22 – 0.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201420:06

The Broncos are down 22 at the half. Peyton has come back from 24 down. And now he has to wait another 15 – 20 minutes or so until Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers finish their concert.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201420:08

The rain is falling. this could be an omen for Manning. The last time he was in the Super Bowl, it was raining in Miami and the Colts just ran over the Bears.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201420:21

Interesting post from Pedorthist Tara Mina (nee Evans): Bruno Mars is this generation’s Michael Jackson. Diggin his half time show.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201420:23

The halftime show was fairly decent for the second straight year, as Beyonce’s was not all that bad last year. Now to see if the Broncos have the will to put Seattle’s game to a halt.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201420:33

Seattle with the kickoff return for the touchdown to start the second half. This is eerily reminiscent of how the second half started during last year’s Super Bowl. Seattle leading by 29 now.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201420:36

It is amazing that the first twelve seconds of each half started off with a score. The safety to begin the game and the kickoff return for touchdown to begin the second half

Rick Bulow February 2, 201420:39

Manning completed a throw which was target for Sherman’s area. Hopefully Manning can try to exploit and expose Sherman

Rick Bulow February 2, 201420:50

I have to say for a short man, Wilson is very agile. 22 yard run that was negated by a holding call

Rick Bulow February 2, 201420:57

Thomas with a good catch, but then fumbled it away. The Seahawks are on fire tonight.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201421:27

ugh. Seattle leading 43 – 8 with 11:45 left in the game. For all intents and purposes, this game is, as my good friend Bill LaRussa says, “baked in the cake.”

Rick Bulow February 2, 201421:53

2 minutes left, and we can call it a game. Seattle was very effective in all three aspects (offense, defense, and special teams) today, and they deserve it. Well done Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman, and the rest of the Seattle Seahawks.

Rick Bulow February 2, 201421:57

And the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl 43 – 8. MVP has to be the entire Seahawk squad, but if I were to narrow it down it would have to beb either Wilson or Sherman. Credit where it is due, the Seahawks were very hungry for the win the entire game on offense, defense, and special teams.